January 13th, 2015

Changing the Humidifier Filter

It’s winter, and I’ve got the furnace on. That means we’ve got forced, dry air running through the vents and everyone’s lips and skin is getting dry. It was time to break out the humidifiers, especially on the end of the house away from the plumbing, where the kids rooms were – they were waking up at night due to clogged sinuses.

Well, we pulled the humidifiers out of the closet, filled them, ran them…and I envied my daughter’s stuffed nose. Ugh. The moist air coming out of the humidifier was like inhaling atomized sweat socks that had been left to mildew. Opening up the case and looking at the water filtration media showed the problem – that filter had become a ranch for something green and orange. It looked like a science fair project.

We pulled the filter out and cleaned the inside of the humidifier with bleach water. Fortunately, new filters were easy to get. Problem solved!

September 10th, 2014

Roofing Catastrophe

The best part of completing any job for Joe was filling out the invoice. After all, as the owner of a roofing company he often spends hours in the morning on a hot roof underneath of the smoldering sun. At times he even questioned why he bothered with such a difficult job, but then he would write out an invoice when the job was complete and get his answer. However, one day Joe went into the back to get some invoice books and realized that he was out!

Without invoices he had no way of documenting that customers owed for his work! Quickly Joe felt a bit less happy about his day. Now Joe makes sure that he never has this problem by ordering in bulk and making sure that he always has a large inventory of invoices so that he can always enjoy his favorite part of the day.

August 4th, 2014

Creative Entertainment

Today, more and more people are incorporating creative elements into their wedding celebrations. Due to the intense feeling of love and joy, choosing these unique entertainment elements and decorative accents can be a great way to show how different and creative a couple can be.

Fortunately, there are many amazing things that can be put into a wedding event. From candle lighting to vintage decorations, there are many beautiful accents for a wedding. However, wedding fireworks are becoming a very popular element to include in a wedding’s entertainment.

There are many companies out in the market who provide fireworks for weddings and other celebrations. Couples or wedding planners should choose a company that offers customize service. This will ensure each couple is offered a more detailed plan. Many companies will offer package deals, too. This is a great way for couples to save on their wedding entertainment services which can include the fireworks, music, and lighting elements.